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Turning Inward to Change Deeply

Perhaps you are looking for something that could help you

overcome the unique obstacles and challenges you are

facing. Some of them might be new, while other are more

persistent issues that have been there for a long time.  

You may be longing to change something in the way you

relate to yourself, or the way you feel and live your life.


I believe that in order to change deeply, you need to turn

inward and make a special kind of gentle and caring Inner

Relationship with what is there. Doing this ultimately will be

very rewarding and transformative, but it may also be

difficult, even to the point of feeling like it’s something

impossible to do just by yourself.

Supportive Companion on a Path to Change

This is where I come in. Consider me a supportive companion on your way to deep change. My main job is to be fully there for you at every stage of the process, to be empathically present, encouraging, listening with acceptance and making sure that you safely navigate through you inner landscape.


You can create an inner environment where a deep change and healing can happen, and I can help and guide you in creating and cultivating this Inner Relationship based on respect, acceptance and kindness. 

Your Life Energy is Stuck in Those Difficult Places

Some places might be difficult to be with, but it is exactly in those challenging places where the forward movement of your life is stuck. We will go gently, slowly and respect everything that is there. This will help you develop capacity to be with difficult emotions without feeling the urge to resist or fight them.

When you look inside, you may see what is hurt, what needs healing, but you will also find the potential for change, the energy that wants to flow forward. I will help you to be with what is broken in empathic and compassionate way and I will support you in facilitating that life forward movement. And if you experienced trauma in your life, you may be at ease, because Inner Relationship Focusing is trauma-sensitive, in fact it does heal trauma.

You Can Keep Your Story Private  

I’m not here to offer you life advice, and we don’t even need to discuss your life circumstances, if you don’t want to. Of course, I’m here, always happy to listen and offer empathy to whatever you may want to share with me, if you want.

My Credentials 

I have completed a two year Inner Relationship Focusing Professional program with Ann Weiser-Cornell and Barbara McGavin, who are the originators of this process, and I have been invited to join their Certification Program as a co-mentor. As much as I cherish and am very proud of the above, I believe there is something I offer, that is even more relevant. It is the personal change I experienced over the years and the understanding and wisdom I got from it. 

My Story 

I was born into a family affected by alcoholism. Unfortunately my father was a violent type, so his behaviour and the way he treated was particularly damaging to this young boy. When I was 22 years old I decided to address the repercussions of my childhood trauma and free myself of this burden. It’s been a long process and I am grateful to all those people I met on the way who helped me in some way.

Thanks to Inner Relationship Focusing I no longer carry the heavy burden of the past in my body. I no longer feel stuck in the past and I no longer suffer because of it. it was such a huge milestone when I realised that. The second half of my life has begun with this shift. 

In my healing process I have spent time with some really difficult and overwhelming sensations and emotions. Having kept company to these places myself allows me to be fully present for you with everything that is happening inside your process, no matter how difficult or intense.

And if it Feels Right ...

If you sense that I might be the kind of person you would like to work with, feel free to email me to schedule your free, no obligation 20 minute online consultation. You can use the contact form on the bottom of this page 

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About Inner Relationship Focusing

Inner Relationship Focusing (IRF) is a self-awareness process used for emotional healing and for accessing positive energy and insights for forward movement in one's life. People can use and practice IRF for themselves, and with others using a partnership model. IRF can be incorporated into and combined with almost any modality of psychotherapy.


IRF was developed by Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin starting in the 1980s, as a refinement and expansion of the Focusing process discovered and developed by Eugene Gendlin in the late 1960s. 

Eugene Gendlin

Eugene Gendlin

Inner Relationship Focusing emphasizes being in a gentle, allowing

relationship with all parts of one's being, including parts that are in conflict,

parts often denied or pushed away as unacceptable or demeaning, parts

that are overwhelming, and parts that are so buried or subtle they need to

be drawn out with patience and gentleness. In allowing all aspects of the self to be held in acceptance and awareness, new insights and shifts can emerge and emotional healing can occur. Inner Relationship Focusing therefore emphasizes the relationship of the self with the various inner aspects, however painful, and it relies specifically on a quality of presence, called Self-in-Presence. Self-in-Presence is the ability of the self to be present with inner aspects with a quality of friendliness, gentle curiosity, and non-judgment.

Read more IRF on Wikipedia.

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Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin

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