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Creating Space for Deep Change

Foundations Course in Inner Relationship Focusing

This course is for people who would like to learn the process of Inner Relationship Focusing.  After you learn this method and internalise it, you can keep it for life and use it for free by yourself or with your Focusing partners. One of the aims of this course is to help you become empowered and independent Focusers with sustainable partnership support. 

How Can Focusing Help You

As you develop your regular practice of Inner Relationship Focusing, you will witness your life starting to move in a positive direction, gradually, but steadily, unfolding in its unique way. Your growth in capacity to be that Space for Deep Change based on respect, acceptance and kindness that Focusing facilitates, will probably result in changes in the following areas:

Relationship with yourself - the way you feel about yourself will start to shift. You will become more accepting, friendly and compassionate toward your inner experiences, it will just feel better to be you. 

Relationship with your body - you may start feeling more comfortable in your body. Some people report their old tensions releasing and thus feeling more aliveness in their bodies.

Relationship with your emotions - as you learn to relate to your emotions in a respectful and empathic way, you will develop more capacity to give them company, especially with those intense and overwhelming emotions. With time they might even come less frequently and with less intensity.

Relationship with other people - as your relationship with yourself changes, so will your outer relationships. It's inevitable. You will be more and more present and authentic with other people and in the world.  

I hope that Focusing will become a resource that will support you as you go through your life. Having a reliable access to this Focusing Space may give you a sense of stability and safety. A place where you can self-regulate, connect with yourself in a deep and meaningful way and heal what needs healing. As you grow in your Focusing process, your life will grow and carry forward. Beyond challenging emotions, stress, trauma more life is waiting. 

This Foundations Course will prepare you for learning more advanced applications of Inner Relationship Focusing: releasing blocks to actions, making difficult decisions and healing trauma, to name just the few.

Since I've started practicing Focusing I've made friends with my body. The pain has gradually been replaced by

the feelings of health, care and gratitude. Thank to Focusing I am better at setting boundaries. I am more assertive and

I feel more comfortable on stage. P.

Course Practicalities
  • The whole course is delivered online and the interactive element consists of two-hour long classes. The audio recording of every class will be available. 

  • Some study outside the class will be necessary. Every week you will be provided with some readings from the Student Manual (its electronic copy is included in the tuition fee)  some other texts and videos. Please plan about 20-40 minutes per week for this.

  • Another important feature of the course is paired practice. In most of the classes there will be a dedicated time in the breakout room for partner work. You will then practice again during the week. Please plan up to one hour for this. These partnerships are based on guidelines that establish safe boundaries for every person.

  • We will use a private FB group for any interaction outside the online classes. This is a place for your comments, questions or whatever comes.

  • And if at any point in the course you need some help, clarification or encouragement - I'll be there for you all the way through.

Course Content 

These class themes should give you a sense of what you will be learning on this course:

  • 1 - Sensing with Curiosity

  • 2 - Space for Deep Change

  • 3 - Just Being with It

  • 4 - Becoming Empathic Presence

  • 5 - Taking Time to Go Slowly 

  • 6 - Listening at the Edge

  • 7 - Deepening Presence

  • 8 - Welcoming What Comes

  • 9 - The Radical Acceptance of Everything

There is one class without new content that is not listed above. We will insert it somewhere within the course process, depending on what feels right and needed for the group. The aim of this aim class will be consolidating of what we have learned prior to it and gathering of the resources for what will come next. 

There are two main skills you will learn in my Foundations Course: how to guide yourself through the Focusing process and how to be a Companion for another Focuser. Why partnership? Because for the majority of people this format helps Focusing process be more sustainable, deep and nurturing, and I want nothing less for each of you. In other words, you will get more out of your Focusing with a practice partner. And of course after the course is finished, you can always choose to practice solo, if that works better for you.

The first half of the course teaches you how to go through the four main stages of the process and shows you how to become the Empowered Focuser and the Relaxed Companion.

The second half of the course offers the Principles for deepening of the whole process, so you can get more out of your Focusing. It also equips the Companion with more means to support the Focuser.


My Foundations Course Parts 1 & 2 is the equivalent of former Levels 1-4 as taught by Ann Weiser Cornell. Completing those courses will make you eligible to continue your advanced Focusing studies with Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin in one of their courses (Living a Focusing Life, Getting Free: A Year of Untangling or Certification as an IRF Professional) or you are welcome to continue studying with me, i.e. moving on to my 10 week course that focuses on more advanced Parts Work.

Upcoming Group Courses

Creating Space for Deep Change

Foundations Course in Inner Relationship Focusing

Foundations Part 1

I'm going to announce the next edition of the course once the group forms, so please let me know if you are interested.

Feel free to schedule a free, no obligation consultation with me to discuss if this is the right course for you. 

Jacek is a wonderful focusing professional and an extraordinary teacher. I love the clarity of his explanations and guidance. He has a cool sense of humor, and an easy-going, enthusiastic and supportive attitude. His courses have clear and solid  structure and at the same time he is able to adapt to what is alive or needed in the present. In his class I feel safe and encouraged to value  my own progress. I  really trust his wisdom and support. Elena Cid Iriarte

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