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Right for me?
Are Individual Sessions Right for Me?

If you want to work on more deep, challenging and persistent issues, getting individual professional support might be the best way forward for you. It's always your choice what we are going to work on during each session, it could be getting unstuck in a specific area of your life, finding clarity in making a big and difficult decision, healing the wounds of the past or bringing safety to intense emotions. Whatever you work on, it will remain confidential. 

You don’t need to know anything about Focusing, it's my job to comfortably guide you through the whole process. And please note that these sessions are not about teaching you how to do IRF by yourself, but you can expect to pick up some skills along the way.

Feel free to contact me to arrange your free 20 minutes consultation, so we can have a chat and find out what would be the right choice for you.

What to expect
What to Expect During 1:1 Session


  • At the beginning of every session we have time for a brief chat (or a long one, if that's what you want!) You get the sense of how you would like to enter the Focusing process this time. Perhaps there is an issue you would like to explore, or there is a body sensation that is already present, ready to be explored. And if there's nothing specific, no worries, you may be open to whatever wants to come. We can trust that your body has something in store for you and something meaningful will come.The Focusing process usually lasts between 40-45 minutes. I try not to go beyond 1 hour meeting, but if your process needs more time to complete in a safe way, I am always ready to stay a little bit longer. I am prepared for such scenario and I am always happy to do it. There is no extra charge for that.

  • These sessions may be called 'guided', but it is you who is always in charge. It means that you can always pause, stop, make a cup of tea or whatever else you need to do in this very moment. 

And a few more important points to have in mind

  • You can stop having your regular sessions at any point without giving me reasons why.

  • You can have your sessions as frequently as you wish: weekly, twice a month, once in a while, whenever you need one - it's up to you. Whatever commitment you make, it is the commitment with yourself and your own process.

  • You never have to share any details of your personal story. I don't need to know that in order to successfully guide you in the process of change.

  • IRF is very compatible with psychotherapy, and if you wish to combine the two, I totally support that, but please also check this with your mental health professional.

  • You are welcome exactly as you are, with all your thoughts, emotions, sensations and struggles

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